after about a week of trying to buy a new CPU on ebay, i've come to the conclusion that ebay is for losers. the orginal claim of ebay was that it would result in consumers being able to get stuff for less and sellers getting more for their used crap. well it turns out that all the stuff that people actually do want almost always gets bidded up to nearly the original retail price. when you take into account shipping costs, it seems like it's almost always easier and just as economical as going to the store. add in the time and effort it takes to monitor an auction to make sure that you don't get outbidded and i think that you'll see that ebay sucks. anyways, the reason it is for losers is that the only thing that you can get for cheap on ebay is the shit that no one else on this world wants, which most likely means that you are into kitschy things like really tacky furniture or clothes. for those people, i just have to say you're a pretensious asshole, and you're not so unique just cause you wear old clothes. the dick behind the counter of the used record store has been doing it for years, and he's not only not unique, but he's also a giant b-hole.

i'm also working on this theory about how money is actually not the root of all evil. if you think about it, if people used money solely for the acquisition of products or services, then the market would price itself accordingly. what makes the market inefficient as it is today is the human capacity to be an a-hole. the idea that the barter system would be any more just or fair is ridiculous, since the problem is materialism, not money. people with more shit would simply be in a better position to bargain, just as people with more money are in a better position to bargain.

which leads me to another new theory of mine which says that the thing that makes us humans different is not our capacity to reason, or our capacity to think abstractly, or our capacity to be self aware. what makes humans human is the capacity to be an asshole. humans are able to understand how a system works for the benefit of a whole group and what their unique contribution is to this effecient (in economic terms) system. but even confronted with that knowledge, i think that humans are the only ones who are still able to say, "F it", and do the exact opposite. anyways, the point is, i don't think that i'll be able to get my athlon 2100 for anything under 60 bucks because ebay is populated with losers and a-holes.

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