lots to blog about today....last night i stayed up till about 3AM trying to install new memory and a new video card. lots of trial and error, but i think i have the m-f-er up and running. tiger woods 2004 looks a hell of a lot better now. anyways, the next step will be an attempt at overclocking. i wonder if i'm secretly trying to fry my computer so i have an excuse to buy a new one. anyways, big ups to ma-homie e-love for his assistance with updating the bios.

anyways, on to more important things. how about that lakers game? not that i was before, but from now on, i will no longer even remotely entertain any "kobe is overrated" discussion. sure the guy might force his weinie into unwilling teens, but the alleged rapist sure can put the biscuit in the basket. early prediction for the finals...lakers over pacers in a clean sweep.

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