monday afternoon and i still have a big headache...it's a good thing i'm not dating anyone, otherwise she'd be starved for sex again tonight.

anyways...spent the weekend in pasadena where fredo won 2 hundo at santa anita. meanwhile yours truly pissed away another twenty bucks that could have been spent on porn instead. damn you gamblor! damn you! we also saw the dodgers beat the rockies. our seats were in the outfield bleachers, where unbeknownst to an unsuspecting me, they don't sell beer. i know, i know, i could hardly believe it myself, a baseball park where you can't buy beer. it turns out that the fans were getting too rowdy last year, so they instituted a policy where you couldn't get beer in the cheap seats. all of this smells like racism/classism to me. as if the assholes sitting in the box seats are less likely to get into trouble if they've had too much beer. also, there were a lot more mexicans in the bleachers. again, as if whitey is less likely to get into fights when he drinks to much than mi hombres from me-hico. anyways, f the new dodger management.

the best moment of the night came from the guy sitting behind us though. some idiots in the front of the bleachers are trying to get the wave started in the outfield (which is a rant for another day). anyways, one of the kids is black, and has some loose dreads that aren't quite long enough to be hanging down yet. he tries to get the wave started but with little success. then the dude behind us issues the greatest and most racist non-sequiter of all time. he says with deadpan intonation, "nice try outkast." first of all, the kid looks nothing like neither andre or big boi. second of all, other than being black, he's got nothing on to indicate that he's some kind of hip-hop soldier. the kid was just wearing a grey sweatshirt and normal fitting jeans...yet somehow, the dickhole behind us is able to comment with the utmost sincerity, that this kid is somehow similar to outkast. anyways, he had a bunch of other random non-sensical comments throughout the night, but that was far and away his best one. oh yeah, of course he was white.

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