so here is my first go at this blogging thing...maybe this will be easier than just aspiring to having a fully functional website like my super cool/loser roomate erik anyways, i'll go ahead and start regaling you with my unique brand of pop culture wit and wisdom.

so i read that alanis morrissette pulled off some kind of protest at the juno awards. apparently she took off a robe to expose the fact that she was wearing nothing but a flesh colored body suit with fake nipples and pubes. she then went off on some rant about how the FCC and america suck because we're overreacting to the whole janet jackson boob thing with censorship.

i guess she's got a point, but i hate it when canadians rail against the US for being its dumb materialistic redneck neighbors when in reality, they're as big of a-holes as we are. remember when triumph the insult comic dog did his bit on the whole french canadian/quebecois (sp.) separatist thing and everyone in canada got really pissed off? yeah, well guess what mr. mountie? i do, so go f yourself.

anyways, i thought it was kind of a ineffective protest, since we've all kinda have already seen her bits and pieces in that video where she's standing around naked. and if i remember correctly, she had a really weird shape to her body. i wonder if her having pubes on her body suit means that she doesn't debeard her clam with any regularity. i know, grody.

i guess i agree with the principle, but i personally i think that the colored lapel ribbon is a more effective form of protest than the nude colored body suit.

anyways, there it is. the historic first post to the blog.

btw, i think alanis' new stuff is pretty good.

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