so if you're like me and want an iPod so bad, that you'd be willing to give your roommate a handjob for one, then you've been on eBay hoping for that one auction that no one's heard about so you don't have to bay the 500 price tag for near complete musical freedom. also no doubt you've been extremely tempted to bid on one of those auctions that says they can direct you to a website that wil sell you the ipod for 40 bucks. i was this close to bidding on it, when i realized that it had to be some kind of scam. sure enough, when i googled "iPod scam" i found out that it's all a part of some technically legal pyramid scheme. you have to get other people to basically do the same thing you did. pay money to find out about a website. once you've done that, then you get your iPod. even then though the website says actually getting your iPod is like pulling teeth and the company employs all sorts of deliberate delay tactics to prevent you from getting an iPod. it's supposedly not technically a pyramid scheme because there is an actual exchange of goods and services involved, but if it looks like a duck and talks like a duck....anyways, one day apple is gonna drop the prices on those things, and when they do, i will be a new man.

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