speaking of a-holes...

there's a real interesting piece in slate today on the columbine massacre, or as i like to call it "take that colorado!". the basic premise of the story is that everything we know about columbine and why klebold and harris did it is wrong. the basic premise is that the current mythology that surrounds the massacre, that harris and klebold were teenage outcasts who couldn't take it and exacted their revenge upon their persecutors is entirely incorrrect. what the story says is that basically, harris was a complete psychopath, and the school was simply the most convenient place to pull of his dream caper of violence. klebold ended up being his pliable sidekick.

granted i know nothing about psychology, and granted that the person who wrote the story is a journalist, from what i can gather, being a psychopath is really not that different from being an asshole. no remorse, no sense of empathy, etc.

anyways, like i said, i have mixed feelings about this article. on the one hand, if what this guy says is true, than i was duped into thinking that these kids were the victims in some right. however, what i don't like as with most psychology, is the simple causal structure that all begins with the individual. we have a big massacre at school with a couple of seemingly normal boys as the triggermen, and the best these psychologists can come up with is "one of them was really a really big a-hole."

again...no shit. it seems convenient that people want to blame the kids rather than thinking that high school and youth culture is really f-ed up. in other words, adults wanting to say it's not our fault. or even more simply stated, people saying, "what about me?"

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