this barry bonds thing is really starting to get out of hand. right now his OPS is 1.953. to quote texas pete in the movie tombstone, "hell, i never even heard of anything like that." anyways, i was geeking out and poring over barry's stats and i ran across his splits from the last three years according to what the count was.

here's the breakdown.

Count Avg. OPS
0-0 .384 1.458
0-1 .465 1.563
0-2 .262 .810
1-1 .402 1.422
1-2 .155 .496
1-0 .406 1.273
2-0 .421 1.575
2-1 .441 1.564
2-2 .248 .847
3-2 .333 1.334

for some reason, ESPN.com doesn't publish data for 3-0 counts and 3-1 counts, but i imagine that we can safely assume that in those counts barry ends up walking most of the time.

anyways, i thought these are pretty interesting numbers. i don't know enough about sabermetrics to really make a statement about all of this, but i think we can safely say that the best way to get bonds out is to get two strikes on him. and since basically nobody has pitched to bonds over the last three years, that very simply means that no one can get barry bonds out these days.

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