all lakers, all the time

now that you've had time to digest the snoop photo, let's take a few moments to contemplate the lakers playoff series victory over the spurs.

1. the actual series is quite emblematic of how lakers' seasons seem to go these days, bad start, followed by a totally dominating performance if for no other reason than to shut up critics, a crazy game that featured a near total collapse by the lakers, but still coming out on top, and another victory in a series clinching game.

2. yeah, the fisher shot was a complete freak of nature (as was duncan's, 9 out of 10 times, both of those guys miss that shot), but to beat tim duncan in four consecutive games is really quite impressive. i mean we're talking about a guy who is more automatic in the low post than anyone i've ever seen. and to not let him beat you at least one time out of four is either a testament to how great the lakers are or how awful the rest of the spurs are.

3. speaking of how awful the spurs are, after game two, i was convinced that parker was going to be a stud. granted he's still young and he's a lot better than most point guards were at his age, it turns out that all it takes to shake up tony parker is a little contact. which i feel can be traced to mental toughness. in other words, it seems easy to rattle his cage, but not surprising considering he's french. also, what was the deal with that bandage he had flopping around on his chin?

4. i've said this before, but it can't be said enough, greg popovich couldn't coach his way out of a brown paper bag. not that phil's better, but there were a ton of strategic errors on popovich's part. not playing bowen on the last shot, letting the rookie (i can't even remember his name) take wild ass shots, and most importantly, not using the strategy that seems to work in almost every spurs win, pound the ball into timmy d. down the stretch. all coaches are overrated, but in this case, a poor coach contributed significantly to his team's demise.

5. that alleged rapist sure can play ball.

6. he's lost some competitive fire and his numbers aren't what they used to be, but give me the diesel over KG anyday.

7. and that line, "one lucky shot deserves another," come on man, what's not to like about this guy?

8. after the second game, i did jump off the bandwagon, and then jumped back on after game four, but i do want to remind everyone, that i did predict that the lakers would win it all this year. give me the kings over the wolves in game seven, and then give me the lakers in four or five. i really don't feel the need to proffer a prediction about the laker's chances against whatever the eastern conference can muster up as their representative.

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Anonymous said...

Right... whatever happens with the Lakers... IT DOESN'T MATTER. Pistons all the way, biatch!

And, uh, ding -- your mission statement doesn't work.