i finally got around to seeing kill bill vol. 2 yesterday, and i must say it was quite good. when i first left the theater i was thinking to myself "reservoir dogs and pulp fiction were better", but now that i've had some time to sit and think about it, it's probably tarantino's best movie yet.

this got me thinking about something else...well not really, cuz i think about this kinduv stuff all the time. vol. 2 is being fairly well received by critics and audiences, but it's not a good movie in the sense of the way say, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is a good film. the reason why i liked eternal sunshine so much was because it was a movie that really makes you think. kb vol. 2 didn't really make me think about anything so much as i justed enjoyed the interesting dialogue and the great visual presentation (by the way, i've decided that uma thurman is uber-hot). i was wondering if you can even compare these films (the two best movies i've seen this year) at all since i think in essence, their ultimate goals are quite different? i mean come oscar time or at the end of the year, i'll probably be forced to make a decision on which i liked better, something that was thoughtful and entertaining, or something that was completely entertaining on a more visceral level. i can probably tell you right now, i'll go with being completely entertained. the point is, i liked kill bill vol. 2 so much that i wonder why i even go to see the other more traditionally artsy films (of which i don't get half of them. seriously, what was the deal with that scene in Talk to Her?) when i think that i infinitely enjoy films like kill bill more? actually what i'm saying is why do artsy film makers like the incredibly overrated stephen soderbergh always try to take the high road, Ocean's 11 notwithstanding, instead of really entertaining us in the way that's different from how say, Terminator 2 entertains us? why does everything need to go to this extreme level of symbolism and abstraction where the only people who get something out of it are intellectual blowhards who half of the time are just making shit up?

quentin tarantino is really a good film maker by the way. despite his extreme self-centeredness and his extreme nerdiness, i think he makes films in such a way, with such emphasis on stylistic elements that i feel that i understand film making better after i see one of his films. did i mention uma thurman is really hot?

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