i really should be grading or working on getting my content analysis class final paper done, but there's so much to blog about. i've been neglecting this here blog and to my loyal reader (or 2), i sincerely apologize. in any case, i know that telling people what you are going to blog about in the future is not really standard blog protocol per se and more suited for fully functional websites, but there's some reading material that you need to have done before i can blog on the other stuff. so here's the lineup for the next few days or so.

1. the computer upgrade odyssey - i'll probably write up this post immediately after finishing this post.

2. college football and the colorado university scandal - ivan maisel wrote one of the best online articles on sports that i think i've ever read yesterday on this topic and the topic of college athletics in general. needless to say, i have a great deal of things to say on this topic.

3. psoriaisis update - just saw a new dermatologist today and learned that "gluteal cleft" is the technical term for "buttcrack".

4. sports and myth - ralph wiley, who is fast becoming one of my favorite online columnists wrote a nice piece on the myth of the lakers. again, much to comment on.

so there's the lineup. see you in a few.

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