i'm back from my holiday jaunt to pasadena. all told it was a very relaxing weekend, golf and the beach. someone please tell me again why people live anywhere else?

anyways, i'm now beginning to feel the effects of my time out in the sun. i seem to have this weird burn on my chest and abdomen. there's a bright red oval that's about four inches wide that runs from about the middle of my pecs to about my belly button. everywhere else on my torso is fine. i guess that my buddha belly put that part of my body closer to the sun that the rest. anyways, it really hurt to take a shower today. not that anyone will ever really see, but it's really kinda weird, kinda like crop circles on my beergut. i wonder what foucault would say.

on a positive note (and perfect segue to scheduled blog topic #3), i think that the sun was good for my psoriaisis. the inflammation on my thigh seems to have gone down a little bit since i was out in the sun yesterday. like i said in that previous post, i went to the dermatologist about my psoriaisis. apparently student health is flying in this guy from iowa, so i don't have to use my deductible to see a specialist anymore, which is a good thing. in any case, he recommended that i go see, in his words "one of the foremost experts in the world on psoriaisis" who works out of the UCLA medical center. so i guess that i'll go make an appointment with him sometime this summer. to be honest, i'm a little jazzed that i am going to meet the foremost expert in the world of anything. i wonder what he'll be like? fredo offered that he would be an old man with a big mane of white hair with the little reflector headband that doctors wear in cartoons and he'd be smoking a pipe. i think that i picture him a little more like dr. emmet brown from back to the future. you know, wild ass hair, bug eyes and just totally out of his f-ing mind. you know granted it's psoriaisis, but i don't think that it could be easy to be the foremost expert in the world in anything. as history as shown us over and over, the true geniuses of the world suffer because they are crushed by the weight of their own genius. and as i'm sure you can tell by reading my pullitzer caliber writing, that is surely the case with me. anyways, i just hope that he can fix my nails. they can't be a good thing for attracting the ladies.

on a somewhat self-referential-meta-note. i think that this is the first time i've ever blogged about something even remotely personal. again, granted it's my psoriaisis, which is basically dandruff of the skin. for those of you who don't know, psoriaisis is when the skin becomes scaly and flakes off faster than normal. it's mainly a cosmetic thing and there are no real serious health risks, but it definitely is kinda gross and not something i tell people when i first meet them. anyways, here it is, out for anyone who has internet access to know about and be grossed out by. i wonder if this means if i've made some kind of breakthrough with my trust issues or intimacy issues. perhaps this is helping by providing me a safe place to share these intimate issues of mine, like my battle with psoriaisis. but then again, maybe i just really like typing the word psoriaisis. in any case, psoriaisis psoriaisis psoriaisis psoriaisis


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