rest in peace sweet adrianna.

i can't believe that adrianna got whacked tonight on the sopranos. i guess it was inevitable, but it really breaks my heart know that chrissie couldn't find it in his heart to get out of the mafia for his one true love. i always has a soft spot for those two. one of the things that i think that the sopranos' writers do better than anything is how they write chris and adrianna's relationship. sure he's a ruthless killer and hypocritical drug addict. sure she's as dumb as a rock. but despite all that, you never doubted their love for each other, the role in this cosmos as each other's soulmate. that one scene right after he tries to choke her and then they both break down crying, in each others arms....it really really broke my heart to see that. i mean if those two kids can't make it in this crazy world, then we're all doomed.

anyways, no way chrissie doesn't eventually flip out and go crazy...back on heroin because as he says, "i just can't take the pain." neither can i. goodbye sweet adrianna. whatever you do, please keep wearing tight outfits on the joey show.

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