so i finally finished coding the video files for my thesis. hopefully, it will just be a speedy process to but this bitch to bed. in any case, finishing the coding means that i got to shave my playoff beard. for posterity, i took pictures of the process. it's amazing how much difference facial hair makes in how you look. in any case, enjoy.

here, i was going for the harley davidson look

then i tried to go for the magnum look, but i think i ended up more with the porn stache look

then i tried to go for the hitler look, but again, because of the lack of hair directly beneath the bridge of my nose, it just ends up looking stupid

finally, here i am all squeaky clean, boyish, and handsome again. unfortunately, the lack of stache really highlights the amount of hair that i have in my nose (note to self, buy nose hair clippers)

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