so i guess that they changed the name of the the formerly beloved Ballpark in Arlington to Ameriquest Field. i think that it's kinda weird that they did it after the season started. i haven't been to the temple in quite some time now, but i'm sure that the ameriquest logo won't change the feel of it too much, at least i hope not. anyways, all i have to say is that i hope the rangers at least use that new sponsorship money to go get some young pitchers.

i have quite few fond memories of the ballpark in a-town. i was late to my senior prom because the rangers were having turn back the clock day and hot dogs were a dollar. i must've eaten four hot dogs that afternoon. i also have the distinct privelege (maybe not), to be able to say that i've been to every rangers' home playoff game. twice i flew in from over a thousand miles away to watch the rangers get slaughtered by the yankees. if that doesn't make me #1 fan, then i don't know what does. the last one i went to featured a two hour rain delay, in which i refused to move from my seat, only because i was too distraught by the rangers impending sweep.

this new team seems fun to watch, and everyone seems to love them. I guess, that i'm pretty happy that they're having some success this season. they're definitely playing well above expectations, but i think any talk of winning the division this year is waaayyyyyy premature. it's a nice thought, but i just don't see the pitching lasting, come one, R.A. Dickey? Joaquin Benoit? Chan Ho? ehhhh, i don't think so buddy. even more importantly, however, i can't help but think that the reason everyone is so high on this club is because this year, more than ever, the rangers are whitey central. full of players that remind them of rusty greer. i'm not saying that michael young and hank blalock aren't good, they are, but it seems to me that alfonso soriano, is the biggest reason for their turnaround. rob neyer has a good column today on espn.com about this very topic. the column uses win shares alot, which i haven't quite figured out yet, but i do think it's safe to say that these kinds of stories about soriano are much rarer than stories about how great kevin mench or laynce nix (who spells lance with a y? that's so freakin redneck man) are. dammit i hate whitey.

in any case, unlike the lakers, i'm hesitant to jump on the rangers bandwagon just yet, only because the rangers have broken my heart more than any other sports team in bob ngo fandom history. the boycott is still in place until they win a playoff series.

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