things are getting really bad in iraq. not that i want to get all political on you, but the more and more i hear and think about this whole war, the more and more i think that all of this will be a colossal disaster of historic proportions. i simply can't imagine any scenario where things will be ok in the near future. this war will be fought well into the next generation. at least with vietnam, in the long run, communism died out (well, except in china, cuba, vietnam, etc.). religious fundumentalists aren't going anywhere.

my friend alfredo brought up a good point today about the whole prison torture photo stuff. yes, it's really really bad and we should be trying to stop it. however, shock and disbelief should not be our reaction. i hate to use such a banal cliche, but war is hell. for us to think that this stuff is out of the ordinary is extremely naive on our part. what makes me laugh the most is when people bring up the geneva convention. it's the same thing as using the death penalty as a deterrent. no one ever thinks they're going to get caught (although i will concede the point that these idiots in the army were extremely foolish in taking pictures or making videos). the point is, if there is some kind of armed conflict going on, than there will be raping and torturing and pillaging. pakistan/india, palestine/israel, chiapas/mexico...people involved in these conflicts are also raping and torturing and pillaging. my point is, that people who are upset about the war will no doubt add this torture thing to their rally cry. i'm not saying don't, but unless you're a total pacifist and think that all armed civil conflict is wrong, you're a hypocrite. if you think that there are some cases where going to war is ok, then you have to realize you are also saying that in certain cases, rape and torture is ok as well.

i guess what i'm trying to say is, that the issue of why we're in iraq in the first place is separate from the issue of why people are getting tortured by military personnel.

as for the guy who got his head cut off by those people (i don't know if they were al queda or what), i genuinely feel bad for him, cuz i can't think of many worse ways to die. i'll give the same lesson as the pat tillman post. hey, i don't think that it's good you died, but you get what you sign up for.

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