this just in...randy johnson just completed the 17th perfect game in MLB history. the big unit has long been a favorite of mine for several reasons. first, he's a lefty, like me. second, during his heyday, he was as dominant as a pitcher as there ever was, and we all know how i feel about dominance in sports. third, he plays the drums, like me. fourth, he used to have a bitchin' mullet, like me. and lastly and most importantly, the big unit (like me..heehee!) is among baseball's greatest nicknames ever.

anyways, you can get the full details here. true it was against a very light hitting atlanta braves team (who just struck out 18 times against ben sheets a few days ago), but he did strike out chipper jones three times (13 Ks for the game), probably their best offensive player three times, so you know he was on.

anyways, i guess the most interesting thing about this for me is that i actually followed along on the live webcast on the internet. it was espn's gamecase, which doesn't have anything in terms of audio or video, just a written pitch by pitch account of the game. and while it was exciting to follow along with history, i must say, that it definitely wasn't the same as hearing it on the radio or seeing it on tv. i remember listening on the radio when nolan ryan struck out rickey henderson for his 5,000th strikeout, and i remember watching barry bonds hit number 71 live on television. both of those were really cool sports moments for me. however, waiting for the computer to refresh itself every 5 seconds really killed some of the excitement of it. this is interesting because i've long carried the torch for the takeover by the machines. in other words, i love technology and i've argued with other people about how machines don't depersonalize things, people do. i don't know, maybe there is something to this whole warm bodies make a difference thing. anyways, way to go randy.

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