at least no one's talking about the pistons anymore

shaq wants a trade.

the article has really affirmed for me how much i like shaq. and i'm really sure now that people don't give him credit not only for his on-court greatness, but his off court acumen as well. the quotes in the article seem pretty damning to me. and it makes no sense. shaq is one of those basketball players who are like baseball players. in baseball, i'm fond of saying, you are what you are. if you're a .300 hitter, you may hit a slump, but in the end, things will even out (i.e. derek jeter). take barry bonds for example. he may be a horse's ass, he may piss off everyone with what he says and what he does, but the bottom line is he will hit 40-something homeruns and single-handedly keep his team in contention. anyways, shaq is exactly like that. he'll end the season with about 20-25 points a game and 10-13 rebounds a game. and for the most part, he does bery well playing the part of good soldier. sure he's had some dustups with kobe, but after seeing kobe play this season, i think that it's pretty clear who's fault that is. when shaq leaves LA, i'll stop rooting for the lakers, only because i root for greatness, and the way that the lakers are ending this season is pure sorriness.

on to more important matters, the linked article seems to think that orlando is the ideal place for him. where he started his career, where he still has a home, where he has a 2nd banana who is not kobe (mcgrady), but fredo and i came up with a good theory about where he should go. dallas. think of it, the mavericks have plenty of firepower to give up to the lakers, antoine or antawn, one of big three, marquis daniels, josh howard, and plenty of people who the mavs can keep who can do a much better job of being the worker bees needed to win the championship. mark cuban and shaq i think would make a fabulous pair. dallas would welcome him with open arms. my ideal situation is shaq in the middle, with nash at the point and dirk at the four. najera, bradley, josh howard and any other half decent rebounders and defenders that they can roll out there are the equivalent of fox, horry, and ron harper of the championship lakers teams. this can work. the main obstacle of course is don nelson. cuban needs to pull the trigger on getting rid of nelson and make phil jackson an offer he can't refuse. if shaq joined the mavs, i would be back on board with basketball again. i know they have to play out the string and all that, but seriously folks, you have to have a pretty crappy organization if you can't win with shaq. mark cuban, if you're reading this, do the right thing. put the full court press and get the diesel in a mavs uniform and you'll have someone out in santa barbara wearing his MFFL t-shirt everyday with pride.

on a completely unrelated note, if you look at the day and time of this post, you'll notice that it's saturday night at about 10:30. for those of you who are familiar with the situation, this is clearly not a good thing. but, hey, at least the house is clean and i got to finally see T3 on cable tonight.

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