bedtime for bonzo...

in case you've been living in a bomb shelter or gambling and drinking your life away in vegas, ronald reagan died last saturday.

i'm not much of a politico, but from a pop culture perspective, ronald reagan truly was a unique person. as far as i can tell, ronald reagan was the single most charismatic president that the US has ever had. no matter how bad things were during the eighties, one thing never changed, people loved, i mean they really loved, ronald reagan. maybe it was his hollywood background, or maybe he just happened to fill the kindly grandfather role to a tee, whatever the case, i don't think that reagan's popularity can be questioned. the "teflon president" is surely the most appropriate nickname cuz a lot of shit happened on his watch, but i can't think of a time where he took heat for any of it. inflation, iran-contra, challenger, the start of the late eighties recession, you name it, nobody really blamed him for it.

as kinda mentioned before, i was in vegas when he died. i came into the room where fredo was watching the coverage and the maid was making our beds. fredo told me that the maid came in while he was watching the first bit of coverage and when he told her, she replied "oh, that's sad. i thought he was a really nice man." which of course seems to be a normal thing for an average american to say. however, fredo also learned that the maid was from honduras. if reagan was able to convince a person from honduras that he was a nice guy, then he basically was the greatest politician who ever lived.

personally, although now i disagree with his political philosophy, i do remember thinking as a child that he must have been a good president by the way everyone else talked about him.

now however, i do realize his legacy did almost more harm to more people than all other presidencies combined. here's a good piece on slate that does a pretty good job of chronicling why reagan sucked. also, someone else, i forget who, wrote a pretty good book, i forget the name, that did a convincing job of showing how reaganomics was basically the cause of poverty in the nineties. i know, not very helpful, but like i said, it was a pretty good book.

on a lighter note, i do think that it would be funny if at the state funeral, when they pan down the line of all the living presidents, jimmy carter and george senior, and bill clinton are looking solemn, and then when they get to george w. he's just sitting there blubbering like an idiot.

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