big red balls

so i saw dodgeball last night. for the most part it was pretty good. not the greatest slapstick comedy i've ver seen, but pretty good nonetheless. ben stiller was wayyyyyyyyyyy over the top with his character in the same way that will ferrell was in old school or jim carrey was in dumb and dumber, but at the same time, he also comes off like derek zoolander's evil twin brother, so, all three of the aforementioned performances were better than stiller's turn here in dodgeball. part of it might be that the overall story line was pretty goofy, and i think the movie probably spent too much time on the dodgeball matches, but for sure, it's a decent summer popcorn flick. except at the fiesta five theater, where the pimply teenager put about three gallons of butter on my popcorn last night. also, there are several parts of the movie that made me proud to be an american.

here's a piece that was published on slate recently about how dodgeball is misunderstood as a game.

blog metanote - in developing my blogging and linking style, i think that i've decided to always link movie titles to imdb. i'm not sure why, it's not like they're paying me, but i find it to be an eminently useful and interesting site.

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