clickety-clack! clickety-CLACK!

so this past weekend was the first time that i had been to vegas since november. usually i don't go that long between visits, but you know how things go. the sorry thing is that i'm still not done with my thesis. oh well, on to more important details...as always we stayed at the fabulous luxor hotel in the pyramid. this was far and away the most gambling intensive trip that fredo and i have had. all told, i would say that we spent at least 20 hours gambling. fredo i think was treading water all weekend until our last session on saturday where he did pretty well. i, on the other hand had probably the worst run of luck that i've ever had in vegas. the first night was really the site of the worst of the slaughter. i played craps, roulette, and carribean stud. and lost big on all of them. i just couldn't get that hot streak that you need to win in vegas. i tried blackjack then, where i feel that i can almost always at least break even, but it treated me no better. in any case, on the morning that we left, i had a single one hundred dollar bill left in my wallet, and thought to myself, "well, no sense in taking this home." and i hit the craps table where i promptly won back everything that i had lost. some guy got hot with the dice and hit all my come bets. ah jeez, i forgot to mention that fredo and i also hit 1 grrr ('larious) on the wheel of fortune slots. incidentally, this is the second time in my life that i've hit a thousand bucks on that damn machine. so i guess that i was able to pay for the trip. although when the cowboys win the super bowl next season, that'll get me 16-1 on a twenty dollar bet, and then i'll be the big winner.

as always, there were other extra-curricular activities that i won't get into specifics about, but just know that we didn't make the spa on saturday afternoon like we usually do because we were up till real late at a certain establishment named after a particular great native american with two lovely ladies named ashley and bonnie. no there wasn't any freaky-deaky orgy or anything, so get your mind out of the gutter. however, it may be of great interest to you to know that ashley actually gave me her phone number...unsolicited no less...yeah, i don't know what to make of it either. even of more interest, you'll be happy to know that another lovely lady gave me her phone number not just more than an hour ago...to paraphrase dr. evil from austin powers 3, bobby's on fire....

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