Diamond Dave - Saver of Lives

I'm really not sure what to make of david lee roth's attempt to become an EMT.

truth be told, i'd just rather he and eddie and the boys get back together, but i suppose that it's good that he's doing something productive with his life. do you think that when he needs to break into a locked house to get to someone having a stroke, that he'll just do his trademark jump-kick to bust the door open? i hope so.

i also suppose that one could interpret this as an unmistakable sign of shark jumpage, but maybe it'll work out in the end when he reunites with van halen and one of his on-stage costumes is a set of scrubs.

on a semi-related note, of all the band logos to scrawl into your notebook as a teen growing up in the 80's, van halen's logo (the old one with straight lines, not the new one with the curved lines) was far and away the easiest and the coolest. much cooler than metallica's and much easier than ac/dc.

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