hatin' on the LPGA

it seems that some lpga players aren't happy that golf prodigy michelle wie got an exemption to play in the lpga US open.

as you might guess, my rant here will be fairly predictable. the only reason i can think of to hate on the michelle wie is that she is asian. what if it were 14 year old michelle smith creating the buzz on the lpga tour. i have no doubt that everyone would be singing the praises of how a precocious young girl is charming hearts everywhere and encouraging many young girls to take up golf. but no, golf (far and away the whitest of white sports) doesn't like the laundry people taking over the tour.

i guess my main beef is that the people can't see the forest for the trees. in my opinion, michelle wie has more potential to really revive/kickstart/revolutionize a sport than anyone else. more than lebron (not quite transcendent), more than freddy adu (soccer will never catch on in the states, sorry mg), and more than any of baseballs crop of super young talent (not the first...and not the last). with interest up, money will go up, benefitting all of the lpga players. let's see which lpga players will be complaining when they start getting bigger checks. michelle wie playing at the US open will be THE story of the weekend. no one cares if annika sorenstam wins or if julie inkster comes in third. if these a-holes just want to play golf is a pure sport, then they can play at their country clubs with other white people.

what really kills me is that people really don't see what a phenomenon michelle wie has the potential to be. from what i've read and seen, this is a female who plays golf exactly like a man and it seems that it is inevitable that she will play and more importantly, win on the men's tour. a woman playing a major tv and major money sport better than the guys. folks, this is unheard of, and can only be good for the bigger picture of the hegemonic masculinity of sports.

i, for one, really hopes that michelle wie kicks the field's ass at this tourney. go big yellow!

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Scott said...

First off, let me state... I have no problem with Michelle getting a "sponsor's exemption" to play in the U.S. Open. That's what the exemptions are for - so that the sponsor can invite people who don't qualify for the Open but who would increase ratings.

I do take issue with your accusation that this is somehow racially motivated. I am sure Michelle Smith would be receiving the same treatment.

You didn't address the actual issue, however. Should young Michelle be escorted to the front of the line, or should she go through the experience of earning her way there like everyone else?

You know what they say, adversity builds character. So maybe Michelle would become a better person/golfer by taking the traditional route to superstardom, instead of skipping all the "hard work" in between? Just a thought.