i love brian piccolo...

i ran across a kinda neat website today. americanrhetoric.com contains a bunch of audio files of famous american speeches. i haven't gotten around to looking at all of the site, and i have to warn you that there's a "christian rhetoric" section that i probably won't spend a lot of time on, but there's a really good movie section that has some of the really great movie speeches: michael douglas' greed speech from Wall Street, billy dee williams' acceptance speech from Brian's Song, and alec baldwin's god complex speech from Malice to name a few. it also has some not so good ones such as bill pullman's independence day speech from Independence Day, nicholas cage's i choose us speech from The Family Man, and robin william's commencement speech from Jack that should give you a good chuckle. anyways, i think that it's missing a few really important ones, like alec baldwin's company speech in Glengarry Glen Ross and pacino's disowning of fredo from Godfather II, but all in all a good penalty kill.

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