the man at it again

here's a neat story about a guy who was cleared of murder charges thanks to the sheer coincidence that Curb Your Enthusiasm happened to be filming at dodger stadium that day. while it's a great and interesting story, i'd just like to underscore how to me, the casual reader, the whole fact that this dude got charged in the first place with such slip shod evidence is a big problem. according to the story, his alibi was that he was with his daughter at dodger stadium at the time of the murder. he has family witnesses, he had ticket stubs, and he offered to take a lie detector test (an offer that the cops conveniently declined). seems pretty clear to me that there's not enough evidence. granted i don't know how reliable the cops' eyewitness who placed him at the scene was to me, it seems highly unlikely that there was enough evidence for a conviction. this guy was the death penalty for chrissakes, and if it weren't for the total dumb luck that he was sitting in a section that happened to have a television show filming, he'd be on his way to the chair. the article also says he's suing and i hope he takes the government to the cleaners. there seems to be clear negligence going on here. it's also notable that the guy's name was juan catalan. i wonder how vigorously the charges would have been pursued with such flimsy evidence if they guy's name was john whitey.

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