mean (and underage) girls...

saw two movies this past week. on saturday, i saw shrek 2. funny as hell. if you liked the first one, then i think it's safe to say that you'll like this one. i was thinking about how it compares to finding nemo, the other great animated movie that i've recently seen. true, nemo is disney and meant for a different audience, but i think when it comes to the test of time, that nemo will stand taller. much of the comedy in shrek 2, although hilarious, is quite topical and will in due time be outdated. this is also a good time to commit to written statement that animated movies are much more enjoyable when the things that are being animated are animals. i've noticed a trend that i generally don't like the disney movies where the main protagonist is a human (i.e. mulan, beauty and the beast, and that stupid hunchback movie), whereas the ones with talking animals or inaminate objects are always good (i.e. lion king, nemo, toy story, etc.)

on to mean girls...really good and funny and smart. that lindsay lohan is quite the talented actress and when she turns 18, i'll have much more praises to sing about her. but back to the movie, i really don't know what girl world was like in high school, but i'm guessing that tina fey did and she probably recreated a fairly decent facsimile of what it was like to grow up right when high school ceased being high school and became the year round beauty pageant/popularity contest that it seems to be at most high schools today. i also thought that she did a good job of not making it too sappy or simple minded like most teen comedies tend to be. there's definitely an edge, and i think that most of the really cool kids in high school will appreciate it. the person who i saw it with thought that the ending was kinda sappy, since in the end everyone gets along, but i think that it is more in the spirit of what tina fey was trying to do. i don't think that she was trying to write a black comedy or anything. i think that she was trying to write a script that pointed out the flaws of our secondary education system in a way where kids might feel empowered to not feel obliged to participate in the dog and pony show.

it's times like these where i wish i would meet someone like tina fey, someone who is smart, hot and wears glasses, fall madly in love and then get hitched. if you're reading tina fey, drop me a line and we'll do lunch. i've some movie treatments i'd like to pitch to you, if you know what i mean...

in any case, not to be happy happy movie guy, but i highly recommend both of these flicks.

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