more BS from michael moore

sorry kids, but it's pop culture, so i have to comment.

so now michael moore is all bent out of shape because the MPAA won't change it's rating of fahrenheit 9/11 from the original R-rating it gave it last month.

please let me be clear here. i'm no fan of the MPAA, they're a bunch of elitist blowhards who are in bed with the major movie studios. they also couldn't tell you what's suitable for children if it bit them in the ass. so moore may have a legitimate gripe about unfairness on the MPAA's part. however, as usual, his comments betray a much more self-serving type of griping.

here's the quote that pisses me off the most
Teenagers should be able to see this film and see it on their own. Older teenagers are being sent to Iraq, some never to return. To say that teenagers shouldn't see this movie means that the truth should be kept from them.
it's clear that he's making some sort of allusion to draft. the teenagers who are over there didn't have to join the armed forces. there are plenty of teenagers who stay at home, work at mcdonalds' but keep their conscience by not joining a group whose sole purpose is to kill other people. then the part about the truth...well read my last post for some differing opinion from a pretty liberal guy on that.

the story also makes mention of ray bradbury not being real happy about michael moore ripping off the title to his book fahrenheit 451. again here's michael moore being an a-hole. didn't even occur to him to ask permission from ray bradbury. me me me.

anyways, as the slate piece that i mentioned in the previous post also points out that moore whines that not enough soldiers were sent to afghanistan and iraq, even slightly hinting that a draft was needed. hypocritical asshole.

actually, you know what all this crap reminds me of. f-ing mel gibson and his stupid jesus movie. lord knows that if i had been blogging when that piece of celluloid crapola came out, i would have slammed gibson too. i don't know how religiously radical mel gibson is and i don't know how politically radical michael moore is but i suspect that both really aren't that fiscally radical, and will be even less so after the final receipts are in for fahrenheit 9/11.

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