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this article on slate, serves as pretty good evidence that the right are a bunch of a-holes. this particular piece deals with how the FDA is using really bogus objections to prevent plan b, the kind of birth control pill that you can take after sex, from becoming available without a prescription.

i won't get into the specifics, but it's such a prime example of a really really good idea that gets derailed by a bunch of hypocrites, most of which are christian. these a-holes are all screaming that they are looking out for children and tha they are looking for ways to reduce abortion in america. then we come up with something that will do just that. and instead of saying, "all right! let's get this puppy out there on the streets!" they get all pissy again. you see the truth is, these jerks have no interest in looking out for children. all they want to do is tell people what to do. more specifically, they want to tell women, people of color, homosexuals, and poor people what to do so that they can stay on top. and i've said it before on this blog, but if you pretend to be righteous and generous and concerned when in reality all you are doing is benefitting yourself, you're really just a douchebag. fewer things piss me off as much, so a big fat "f you" to the dipshits over at the FDA.

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no shit - they deny access to a drug because they don't know its effects on the crucial 11-14 year old demographic. yet, what are the effects of an unwanted child on that demographic? i'll tell you - the same effect as a 12-inch porn star cock on jenna jameson's vagina: totally fucked. just more b.s. to keep another segment down.