sooooo, is she a woman now?

it seems that britney spears has conferred with my other engaged friends and is not a member of the betrothed set.

sure young boys and dirty old everywhere are now heartbroken that sweet clean young britney is off the market, but what everyone really wants to know is how this affects my britney spears playboy prediction. for those of you who are unfamiliar, the prediction is something along the lines of britney's career with each album release will continue to fizzle and fizzle until the point where she needs to do something drastic to revitalize her place and significance on the pop culture map. since she's really not talented music wise, and not smart enough (or pretentious enough) to pull off the madonna personality change thing, so she will have to fall back on the one thing that has always served her well, her sexuality and then pose for playboy promptly breaking all records for magazines sold, beach towels ruined, etc. my prediction date for this was 2005.

anyways, the prediction took a hit last year when britney spears latest album debuted at number 1 and actually did pretty well. definitely not as well as her other albums, but good enough to possibly delay the total trivialization of her career. getting married, i think could really go either way, it will either delay her playboy pictorial if her husband is all macho about that kind of stuff, or when she gets divorced, she will feel the need to do something to mark her independence (and boost her sagging career) and pose for playboy. in any case, happy marriage vs. doomed...hmmmm...give me the doomed marriage and slightly amend the prediction to the end of 2006.

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