a sure sign of a recovering economy...

creed broke up. they actually broke up last friday but i was to busy losing money at the roulette wheel to notice. not that i would have noticed anyways.

usually with something like this, i would say something to the effect of, "well, you can't sell 30 million albums and not have something." however, for what i think are obvious reasons, this does not apply to creed. in their five or six year career, all they've done is spare us to death with repetitive power chords and quasi-christian rock lyrics. they brought very little if anything to the table and it escapes me how they got any radioplay at all. the worst of course was the lead singer, scott stapp, who was an egotistical, self-righteous, hypocritcal jerk. the e!online story says that the other members are starting another group, which is a sure sign that even they got tired of his b.s.

of course, this most likely means that we will have to suffer through some incredibly lame solo effort from stapp. damnit, why did creed ever have to exist?

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