dongs, taters, and round trippers...

somehow, i think that these euphemisms for home runs could be translated into euphemisms for the freaky-deaky, you know what i'm saying?

anyways, miguel tejada won the home run derby last night. in the second round of the thing, he set a single round record with fifteen homers. don't get me wrong, anytime you take 25 swings and 15 of them go out of the part, that's impressive. however, while i was watching it last night i have to say that it was far from the most impressive home run derby performance that i've seen. mcgwire at fenway and sosa at the ted, especially sosa at the ted were all much more impressive performances, mostly because of the monstrosity of their shots. true, miggy hit a few shots that cleared 400 ft, but most of them were poke jobs that landed a few rows in from the fence. anyways, no doubt that people will be singing his praises simply because of the sheer numbers.

which brings me to a point about many sports fans. one thing that i hate is the casual sports fan who roots for certain things. the home run being a fine example. so called fans will cheer when miguel tejada makes the ball go out, but they don't understand that what he did is hit a mediocre home run (i know, i'm nitpicking here, but all home runs are not equal). sammy in atlanta was launching the ball in humid weather over 500 ft each time. another good example are basketball fans who only cheer when the ball goes through the basket. they're missing out on the other things. like how great shaq is. everyone always gives this bullshit rationalization that he's not any good because all he can do is dunk. anyone who knows anything about basketball should be able to see that we've never ever seen his combination of power and agility in one package. watch his drop step. watch how he posts ups. and when he wants to play defense, watch the footwork that he uses to get into position. anyone who says that shaq is overrated simply does not know anything about basketball.

full disclosure note: i'm definitely guilty of this phenomenon for soccer. but i dont claim to be any kind of soccer fan.

the point is, while miguel tejada did hit more homers in a home run derby than anyone else before him, it was far from an incredible performance.

on a side note, the greatest batting practice home run hitter that i ever saw in person was...get ready...kenny lofton. it was in the early nineties when he was still with the indians, but he was spraying homers to all fields with ease. it was actually kinda freakish. but totally cool. nothing beats homers for entertainment value.

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