baseball minutiae

espn's page three has posted a list of the music that baseball players have played over the stadium p.a. when they are at bat or when the enter the game. it's pretty neat and interesting. here are a few that i thought were pretty good or pretty lame. as you can imagine, a lot of hip-hop anthems, a lot of heavy metal, a lot of latin music for the spanish speakers, and a little bit of country. anyways, i think that music can definitely add to an entrance, especially when one song becomes identified with a particular player, like the way trevor hoffman used to come into the game to "hell's bells" or the way gagne comes into a game to "welcome to the jungle." the last time i went to a dodger's game, i got to see the gagne thing first hand and it was pretty cool because the crowd went totally nuts. anyways, if i were a major leaguer, i'm pretty sure that i'd come walking into either "9 to 5" by dolly parton or "f*** da police" by NWA (seriously though, i'd probably use the third verse of the snoop dogg song, "from the chuuuch to the palace", you know, the one where he asks, "3 14-inch rims is running on the side"). anyways, here are some of the more notable entries:

most popular - "yeah" by usher

most popular rock bands - metallica, ac/dc

lamest - mike sweeney: 1b, kc - "jesus freak" by dc talk (honorable mention: several players use creed songs)

funniest - mike redmond: c, fla - "baby got back" by sir mix-a-lot

strangest - (tie) travis hafner: dh, cle - "du hast" by rammstein and barry bonds (perhaps you've heard of him) - theme from "phantom of the opera" by andrew lloyd weber

most unrelated, yet totally obvious - mark sweeny: of, col - "beautiful girls" by van halen

gayest - eric byrnes: of, oak - "disco inferno" by the tramps

cleverest - raul ibanez: of, sea - "werewolves of london" by warren zevon (get it?...a-wooooo...ra-uuuuuuuuul)

my favorite - kaz matsui: ss, nym - the bruce lee theme

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