basketball jesus

i just got back from UCSB's famed thunderdome. michael jordan holds his youth basketball camp there. every night, the counselors, a group composed of college basketball stars and a few nba players have a scrimmage that is open to the public. of course, it's kinda neat to watch future nba stars screw around on the court, but on top of that michael jordan plays too. in other words, i got to see basketball jesus play ball.

i never got to see mj play when i lived in chicago, and even though he's over the hill and it was an exhibition, i have to rank it right up there with one of my great sports moments. i feel like a teenage girl when i gush over someone, but if there's anyone who ever deserves it, it is his airness. his playing style is so distinct, it was a real kick to be able to see it in person. the great thing was that he was actually kinda lazy. not hustling back on defense, missing badly on his jumpers, and not worried about winning or losing, that kind of thing. how many people can say they saw the greatest basketball player ever doggin' it on the court. anyways, the highlght for me was he had jared jack of georgia tech's final four squad one on one. he pulled that move where he palms the ball over his head like he's gonna shoot, then pulls it back and blows by the guy for an uncontested dunk. i'm still smiling about it now. anyways, i forgot to bring my camera, but rest assured i will be going again and i'll post the pictures when i get them in.

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