gig em frogs

ladanian tomlinson is about to sign the biggest contract for a running back ever. the former TCU (bob ngo hometown college) horned frog also made some interesting remarks about his re-signing with the san diego chargers, perennial nfl doormat and other athlete's penchant for leaving an organization to play on a winning team.
"In my opinion, that is what losers [empahsis added by me] do. They bail out on a team. [They say] 'So this team is not winning, it's not going anywhere, I got to get out of here.' I've never been that way, so why change now?"
obviously, it could be your typical professional athlete grandstanding, and we'll see how he feels if the chargers go another four years of 5-11 seasons, but i must say i agree with the sentiment 100 percent. i've never been a fan of good players requesting trades to winning teams or signing with better teams just to have a better chance of winning a championship. the worst is when people say that an athlete "deserves" a championship. if the athlete deserves a championship then he would have already won one. so ray borque, your stanley cup with the avalanche doesn't count. karl malone and gary payton, you are both sorry sonsofbitches. and reggie white, you may have won a super bowl with the packers, but that vince lombardi belongs to brett farve and not you.

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