bill simmons has been an up and comer in my list of good sports columnists for about six months now. and with this column, he's turned the corner and become probably my favorite writer these days.

i have longed extolled the greatness of the movie varsity blues. aside from starring the greatness of the beek, i really feel that this is the best "so bad it's good" movie of all time. simmons does a great job of crystallizing what makes the movie so great.

my only complaint about the column is that there is no mention of the genius use of the foo fighters song, "my hero" during the beginning of the final climatic scene. when i saw the movie, i already liked the song, but seeing it used in the mise-en-scene so perfectly vaulted that song to my top ten of the 1999.

anyways, bravo bill simmons on documenting the importance of varsity blues.

blog meta-note: i've abandoned trying to summarize what is in any of my outbound links. from what i've seen in the blogging world, that if bloggers want to comment on the content of an outbound link, they try to summarize the content for the casual reader. i'm guessing that this is supposed to prevent readers from stopping reading if they don't know what the blogger is talking about. that's a bunch of horsecrap if you ask me. i'll tell you what i told the kids in my stats class, i'm not interested in teaching people who aren't wiling to put in the time and effort it takes to learn.

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