t cruise - gigantic asswhip

i saw collateral a few days ago at one of my college haunts here in the windy city.

it seemed that everyone who i talked to or read said that it was a great movie until the ending. oddly enough, i found it to neither be a great movie nor did have that bad of an ending. one thing's for sure though, tom cruise, despite his already limited acting range, was on autopilot and provided some vintage t. cruise moments.

it was a nice little movie, but it was somewhat predictable. jamie foxx was really good though i thought, and i'm looking forward to seeing him in the ray charles biopic, which by all accounts should garner him an oscar nod. and there are a lot of things that just didn't make any sense in the movie.

i think i would only recommend this movie to michael mann fans. because it is definitely classic michael mann chicanery.

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