another edition of who's the a-hole?

some lady made caused ruckus at a laura bush stump speech.

i'm having a hard time figuring out who's the a-hole here. sure the people at the speech are sorry for shouting down a lady whose son died in an unwinnable war. but bob the contrarian also thinks that the lady is a little bit sorry for doing this at a laura bush speech. you know, i doubt sincerely that laura bush has anything to do with what happens over in the mideast. i know she's the first lady, but she's as milquetoast and irrelavent as her mother-in-law was during sr's term in office. she's the president's wife for god's sake. what do you want her to do? speak out against her husband's policies? maybe in some parallel universe, but not here in these united states.

what's also stupid is that the lady was screaming something about why aren't congress's or senator's children fighting in the war. obviously, this is a ploy that she aped from fahrenheit 9/11. i've written about this before, but doesn't she (ruckus lady) bear some of the responsibility of her child's death. if she had stayed informed in the first place, would she have ever allowed her child to enlist? it just seems that everyone wants to play the blame game. or more specifically, everyone wants to play the deflect blame off of me game.

the point is, the heckler lady is just as sorry as the people responsible for the war. if you believe that the influence of television can be stemmed with good parenting, you also have to believe that the influence of the military propaganda campaign can also be stemmed with good parenting.

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