avril lavigne and the manufacturing of authenticity

i was at border's books the other day and i was perusing the periodicals rack and as most any normal guy does, he runs his eyes past the men's section to see which hot mama is on the cover of maxim, fhm, gq, etc. anyways, lo and behold if it isn't avril lavigne on the cover of maxim.

anyways, this kills me for a couple of reasons. first, avril's entire image in built on this bogus idea that she's not like the other jailbait age pop stars out there like britney spears or jessica simpson. that somehow, her music is not manufactured and instead, she's a serious artist that has succeeded because the evil record companies are too busy trying to cash in on the britney's of the world by emphasizing image over substance and that avril's music somehow provides an alternative to all of that. i even remember one specific quote where she said something about how she hated the thought of what image of britney spears was doing to other little girls everywhere. and yet here she is, on the cover of the magazine that has come to define the new sexism. here boobs are on prominent display and she's wearing a shirt that says "did you really think that i was going to give it up to you" (which seems very puritanical for someone who is raging against the mainstream and authority). it typifies the hypocrisy that most britney haters espouse. there's only one difference between britney and avril lavigne, and that is the style of music that they perform. my own personal theory that i'm working on is that the reason why we are so ready to give britney crap so quickly is that because her music style is closer to blackness than say avril's. i know, i know, it's not a perfect theory, and there are some obvious problems with it, but you can't tell me that race doesn't have anything to do with it.

her interview in maxim is somewhat interesting. she's definitely keeping with her bad girl that doesn't take shit from anyone image. she talks about "kicking a girl in her box" for getting in her face at a bar. and she also says something about not liking groupies becuase "it needs to mean something" to her. all complete b.s.

anyways, i think that this is a perfect illustration of quickly dominant structures are to co-opt the symbols of youth/resistant culture. i mean really, just how punk rock is avril lavigne or ashlee simpson? anyways, i've been accusing avril of hypocrisy for a long time, so this is nothing but an excuse to tell avril where she can stick her middle fingers that she likes to flash so much like crip gang signs. thanks for contributing to the objectification of teenage women avril.

p.s. don't get me wrong. i'd still do her.

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