come on and be my baby tonight

last night, i watched the second episode of the real world philadelphia and i am officially tuned in for the season.

don't worry, i'm not going to summarize the episodes or anything. there are actually plenty of other websites to do this for you, (planetsocks being my favorite), but i did want to offer forth a theory. this season there is a stereotypical gay male. high voice, out to everyone, real effeminate, etc. nothing new here, we've seen this plenty of times since pablo. however, in an amazing original twist, they also have another gay guy that is the exact opposite of of the stereotypical gay male. well except for his name, karamo. anyways, it's already provided for some ridiculous and inane reactions from his roommates.

here's my theory. despite having the two people who are out, the other dudes, MJ in particular come off as deeply closeted gay. i've always noticed that they have one or more of these guys on the real world. the last real world i watched, las vegas, had 2 of these guys, alton and steve. anyways, my theory is that for the producers of the real world, the holy grail is the straight male who in the course of the season realizes that he's gay. consequently he drops the bombshell on his roommates who react shocked, touched, angry, etc. that's why they always have a guy on the show who fits this mold. this year, MJ clearly fits this profile.

i must admit, this would be great television. we've seen stuff like sorta like this on tv before, but i don't think we've ever seen the entire process unfold before our eyes and the real world producers know that this would be television gold. anyways, let's hope MJ comes out and hooks up with karamo. nothing's hotter than interracial gay porn.

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