crazy like a firefox

i've experimenting with a new browser, firefox to see if i like it.

honestly, i really couldn't tell any difference between the different browsers and the ubiquitous internet explorer. from what i could see the only difference was the gui and the keyboard shortcuts, both of which i am much more confortable in ie, so i saw no reason to change browsers. as far as the security stuff, i don't do anything i'm ashamed of on the internet (except the midget amputee porn), so screw it, it was just more convenient to use ie. i played with mozilla and opera and netscape, but i just couldn't discern any useful difference. slimbrowser was the first browser to give me a useful difference with the tabbed browsing (using tabs, instead of toolbar space for multiple windows) and since it's based on the ie engine, it took.

well firefox is the first browser where i can actually notice an improvement in the load time of webpages, which in my book is a useful difference. it's still in beta and there are still some things that i hope that they get fixed soon, but so far, i'm kinda digging it. i still have the default browser set to slimbrowser, but if i can figure out some more keyboard shortcuts, i may switch it soon.

the larger point is, between all of the tabbed browsers out there and firefox, there's no reason why anyone should be using ie anymore until the lazy dickheads at microsoft get their shit together and release a better version.

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Erik said...

Eh, ding. You realize that Firefox has tabs, right? Also -- Maxthon is a great skin for IE that includes tabs and more useful features than that useless Slimbrowser you insist on using.

Even better than all of these browsers, though, are the amazing photos available on my blog, http://blog.eriklove.com, of Miss Universe losing her dress on the catwalk.