hatin' on the ryder cup team

the us lost the ryder cup by the largest margin of defeat ever.

what i find interesting is my first encounter with a sports op-ed piece about this. especially in stark contrast to the reaction to the us mens basketball team losing in the olympics which i have previously blogged about.

first i'll get all disclaimers out of the way. yes, i know the writers of golf are different from normal sports columnists. yes, i know that in terms of making a sociological claim i have a sampling problem (a sample of one, but maybe i can just use the same crap that the army uses with its retarded army of one campaign). yes i konw that the ryder cup and the olympics are different things as well as golf and basketball having different cultures associated with them. and yes, i know that golf isn't a real sport. however, i don't think that this really matters in my argument.

anyways, the thing to notice about the op-ed piece is the language and the overall tone. this particular writer thinks that the problems isn't necessarily with the team or how ryder cup captain hal sutton f-ed things up, but rather that the europeans are simply better and that the shift in power has happened in the golf world.

if you notice, this is eerily similar to my sentiments about international basketball. however in this case, i think that there are lots of parallels. tiger and phil mickelson are basically the 1 and 2 in the world (minus vijay of course). so why no outrage about why they're egotistical lazy unmotivated a-holes like the us men's basketball team was supposedly made up of? in a sense, isn't it a disgrace to the us that they lost in such a fashion, not even really mustering anything close to a challenge. hell tiger's even half black, so that should give people some excuse.

anyways, the reason, as always is race. first, lots more whitey on the ryder cup team than the us mens basketball team. second, since golf doesn't necessarily eroticize the male body like other sports do, we don't necessarily hold those athletes to the same racist-like standards that we do our basketball players.

i'm not saying this is unequivocal proof that i'm right about the men's basketball team, but if i were wrong, wouldn't the first piece i've read a little differently?

in unrelated news, i had a really tough fantasy sports weekend. i might write more about this later, but right now, just know that derek lowe is an a-hole that the rangers should stay away from at all costs. and fred taylor needs to get his head out of his ass and mix in a touchdown every now and then.

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