is there anyone out there?

hello good blog reader,

i've been at this blog thing now for about six months and it's time for me to stop all the nonsense and figure out if this thing is worth the upkeep. as you probably noticed, i've inserted a counter on the right there and i've included my actual name in the header there. up to this point, i had been nearly web anonymous. if you were to type my name in google before all you would come up with is a bunch of websites about non-government organizations. now, as i have published my name on the website, there's no getting around it, if you want to find me you can.

anyways, this was all inspired by the little "view my complete profile" link there on the right. about three months ago, i clicked on it and was supremely excited to find that my profile had been viewed 92 times. now i could be wrong, but i don't think that i even know 92 different people's names, so i was thinking that i was on my way to a side cottage industry of bestowing the masses with my superior insight on sports, pop culture, and the web. however, since that time, that figure of 92 profile views has not changed. in any case, it is hard to tell if blogger just doesn't do a good job of keeping up with who's looking at my profile or if the entire world just lost interest in me at the same time. so now i have an independent counter to see how many people actually come to the site of their own volition.

you see, i need to know if people are reading and since erik and fredo are the only ones who seem to comment on a regular basis, this counter is the only way i can know for sure that i am wasting other people's time. otherwise, this whole exercise is just me jerking off. and i can think of much better things to jerk off to on the internet. geez i really come off as a needy a-hole here, but everyone needs validation dammit.

bob ngo
author and editor of "the ragin' asian" blog

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Anonymous said...

bob, i love your site and i think you're hot.


brooke burke