napolean dyna-over-rated

saw napoleon dynamite last nite at the welcome back ucsb student body free movie. they had a big screen put up outside the back of the student center so it was kinda cool to see it under the stars surrounded by all the new undergrad females.

anyways, on to the movie. i should preface this by saying that it was really hyped to me by two different people. it was then downgraded to me by two other people. in any case, i didn't know what to expect but my final verdict...not that great.

i mean i guess it was funny and all, but i really don't understand what the big deal about this movie was. i guess it's an mtv film so it will get more buzz than other films, but i really didn't get it. like i said, it was mildly amusing and it had a lot of good one-liners, but i thought that they could've renamed this movie, "the adventures of super-retard in the city of of retarded people". none of the characters made any sense to me except as retarded people. i was telling a friend today that i got just as many laughs out of watching corky in life goes on.

my friend told me it was one of those movies that you either got or didn't get. maybe i'm a shallow person, but i for one, didn't get it.

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