self-hating white people or racists?

i'm sitting here doing my usual waste time by surfing other blogs looking at the funny links that they put up and i ran across these.

first, a parody of delta airlines financial problems.

then, a parody of the republican convention in nyc.

anyways, i wanted to bring up something that my roommate moira brought up a while ago. she said that the new default comedy shtick for people is jive-talkin' white people. or more precisely white people acting like black people. there have been several movies out recently that have used this tactic for cheap laughs, bringing down the house, white chicks, down to earth...the list goes on and on.

it begs the question, is this making fun of white people for being squares, or is it another version of blackface? i'm inclined to think that it is the latter. what's interesting about the second weblink is that i'm pretty sure that the creators of the video think that they're protesting the RNC. it just seems kinda self defeating to protest the republicans by putting down black people. i know it's not as black and white (no pun intended) as these white people simply making fun of black culture, but in a real sense, i don't think the creators really thought about the racist implications of performing such gestures.

even more importantly, moira also pointed out, it's just not that funny anymore. yeah, i guess it was kinda funny the first time you see it, but now it has become cliched and default for people who can't think up of anything funnier. and that's what i really wanted to say with this post, that the links that i provided to you aren't that funny, yet they're making the blog rounds as funny goofy links.

i've always contended that file sharing and the internet hasn't provided us with greater access to new kinds of cool music that we might not have heard of in the first place, but that instead that the whole digital age only makes it easier to listen to crappy music. apparently, the same rings true for funny bits.

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