the new U2 single, vertigo hit the radio waves today. i was pretty excited about the whole deal so when i woke up this morning, i immediately turned on the radio. i waited for about five minutes and got impatient and called the radio station. unbeknownst to me, i got on the air. the conversation went like this.

random dj: K-J-E-E

bob: hey man.

random dj: hey!

bob: are you guys gonna play the new U2 song?

random dj: we already did! we played it ten minutes ago.

bob: damnit. i missed it.

random dj: ah what the hell! we'll play it again!

bob: kickass.

anyways, the opening guitar riff sounds exactly like the opening riff on that one vines song. the overall vibe i got was ramones and war/boy era u2. i'm guessing that bono wanted to play tribute to joey ramone's passing a few years back. but that's just me. i do like the song, but i gotta be honest, i was much more jazzed when i first heard beautiful day. however, this song definitely has the potential to grow on me. and even so, it's U2 man! anyways, everything i've read about the new album has had quotes like "the edge is playing some amazing guitar on these days." i've kinda dismissed that as generic album buzz talk, but after hearing the new song, i must say that i'm quite happy with the guitar work on this first single. lastly, i've decided that the title of the new album, "how to dismantle an atomic bomb" is really not a good title. i'm really disappointed to be honest, but that's ok i suppose. at least the name of the album isn't something retarded like "seven and the ragged tiger" or "joshua tree 2: back to the desert".(see footnote)

personal meta-blog note: you may have noticed that i have reviewed alot of movies, some television and a ton of sports. however, i have yet to really review music. this despite the fact that i own more cds that any single human being should. it's not that i don't want to, because as you can imagine, i have plenty of opinions on the music that i spend money on. i think that i've shied away from the whole reviewing music thing for a couple of reasons. first, i hate people who criticize basically any music. especially when it comes to music, i'm a big proponent of the idea of there's no such thing as bad music, whatever floats your boat. however, i realize that this is stupid, i can review the music that i listen to without being an elitist blowhard about music like that bitch ann powers or chuck klosterman (incidentally, i have a great story about chuck klosterman that i might tell in another post). besides, i probably need the practice so that i can start reviewing new albums for rolling stone later on in life.

the second reason and the one that i don't think is necessarily a bad one. it just seems of all the types of pop culture that people consume and identify with, music is the most personal one. people get really attached to their music and i think are more likely to be passionate or fanatical about their tastes. for me, this is definitely the case, as music is an important part of my life. as i am constantly evaluating the direction of this blog, one thing that i didn't want it to turn into was some kind of online journal, where i share stupid things like my hopes and dreams with complete strangers. that's better left to douchebags like rivers cuomo or billy corgan. anyways, to review music would be to reveal some genuinely personal part of me that i don't think i'm ready to share with the world (not that anyone's really reading this). after all, it's not like record companies send me free cds in hopes of getting a review on the ragin' asian blog. no, no, no, any music that i would be reviewing would have to be of music that i've spent my hard earned cash buying or my hard earned time stealing off of file sharing programs. so revealing what i'm listening to would be akin to being a douchebag. anyways, i'm rethinking this, and maybe i'll start slowly and review some notable releases and then as i get more confortable, i'll start reviewing all the new music that i get.

* "the joshua tree 2: back to the desert" - fredo came up with this game that we call, "when our heroes let us down", and basically you have to come up with the scenario in which you would turn your back on your heroes. the scenario that he came up with for U2 is for them to release an album called "the joshua tree II: back to the desert" on this album there would be reworked titles of songs from the original joshua tree. so instead of "in god's country", there would be a track on TJT2 would be "in the devil's country" and other really lame stuff like that. the best (or worst) part of the scenario would be the cover art. it would be the same picture and the same lettering for "the joshua tree" part, but then in a graffiti font, there would be a 2 in red spray paint after "the joshua tree" and then at an angle under the title, the red spray paint graffiti font would spell out "back to the desert".

p.s. hello sarah. you like the edge better than bono? come on man, that's just crazy talk. there's just no reason to make this statement. none whatsoever.

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