why i didn't blog about the olympics

last night, the 2004 NFL season kicked off with a fantastic game between the patriots and the colts. the pats won a squeaker that came down to the last minute of play.

i think that this is the first year where the nfl has had one single game start the season off. and this provides more evidence that in comparison to the other professional sports leagues, the NFL has it completely figured out.

in any case, i really think that the country probably was more united last night than at any point during the olympics. don't get me wrong, the olympics are kinda neat and it's fun to watch the ping pong competition or whatever, but when it comes down to real sports, i think that americans know that the only appeal to watching the olympics is watching the us wipe the floor with the rest of the world. but let's face it, do any of us care now about swimming, greco roman wrestling, or men's gymnastics? that would be a big fat no. does michael phelps capture our imagination as much as tom brady or even ricky williams does? again, a big fat no. do we really give a rat's ass about whether or not paul hamm is a spoiled munchkin. big...fat...NOGODDAMMITNO!!!!

i know how imperialist i must sound, but really, football (and no, i don't mean soccer, i don't care if the rest of the world calls it futbol, american football, is what football is) is the greatest freakin sport ever.

i'm going to reiterate an old argument here. the reason is that americans, despite the prevailing mythology about sports, watch sports for the real reason why we watch all sports, because we are drawn to the spectacle of the body. deep down, i think that we really don't harbor any high and might ideals about the spirit of competition or any crap like that. that is why we came up with sports that emphasize athletisicm (basketball and football) over the other crap that critics of american sports tend to emphasize. give me a buffed out black guy over skinny iraqis playing soccer any day.

on an unrelated note, i'm worried about the cowboys on sunday. my sports genius prediction for the cowboys is 8-8 and that's being extremely generous. however, my cowboy fans prediction is 15-1. damn it quincy. why can't you be michael vick instead?

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