10/11 - a massacre of another sort

i normally wait until i make my picks for next week to reveal how i did with my NFL picks, but this warrants mentioning.

apparently, gamblor is punishing me. you see, because i did so well last week, i had been telling anyone who would listen that i was a football genius. well apprarently pride is one of gamblor's deadly sins and he decided that i needed to be reminded who was the boss around here. well, i humbly accept my penance, as i got massacred with my picks. i mean seriously destroyed. i got 5 out of the 12 sunday games. what really kills me is i swear i lost at least 2/3 of those games in the last two minutes. couple that with big losses in vegas and a cowboys loss and we have a completely unsuccessful football weekend. i can't even point to a single team that really f-ed me in the a, as i was ritually gang raped by one team after the other.

on the bright side, i'm pretty sure that both of my fantasy teams won, but if i had to pick which one i'd rather be better at, fantasy football or handicapping, well, it doesn't take a committee meeting to decide this one, give me handicapping every day of the week and twice on sundays. anyways, the bookmakers really nailed this week on the head. but i suppose that's why the house always wins.

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