ashlee simpson, my heart burns for you.

you want more ashlee simpson news, you got it! in her latest attempt at damage control over the SNL sound engineering debaucle, ashlee cops to lip-synching, but places the blame on acid reflux disease, better known to the rest of the world as heartburn. nothing really to add here, that you haven't thought of yourself, but i suppose that heartburn isn't the worst excuse she could have come up with. but it also isn't the best. i mean, who hasn't seen those pepcid ac commericials and doesn't know you can stop heartburn before it starts.

interesting sidenote: on the pepcid AC website wou can subscribe to a mailing list that they call, "Enjoy!", where you can "connect with the vibrant community of Pepcid® users!" i guess we all need a sympathetic ear whenever we eat too many italian sausages. i guess it's a good thing that there's a place where people who suffer from this tragic disease can find people who are non-judgemental and supportive. there's also a recipes section that provides recipes of food that don't give you acid reflux. i guess this is really a vibrant community.

recent blog commentor molly just stopped by and brought up a good point about how ashlee is relying on the authority of medical science to try and weasel her way out of a social transgression. yeah, molly is kinduva nerd. anyways, i wonder if that means i can use acid reflux as the excuse of why i haven't finished my thesis yet.

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