ASU's dumbest son, jake the fake

the nfl got jake plummer to stop wearing his pat tillman memorial sticker on the back of his helmet. the full story is here, but to give you the quick version, jake is going to stop wearing the sticker because it violates nfl uniform policies and in exchange the nfl is going to let jake plummer make public service announcements honoring tillman that are going to be aired at nfl stadiums the weekend after verterans day.

generally speaking this really isn't anything real interesting about this story. the uniform issue is one of those things that the league is super strict about (although inexplicably the bengals uniforms were somehow ok'd) and jake will find another way to honor tillman (or more accurately, he'll find another way to say "what about me?"). what is really stupid is that somehow taping a spot that says, "i really think pat tillman was really brave and i'm sorry he died" qualifies as a public service announcement. i know the league is going along and all, but my point is, this kind of idiocy could only have originated from a sundevil.

bear down!

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