bobby the gook, week 6

dammit, i've been busy. plus, i've already talked about how i got slaughtered last week, so no chit-chat. me: last week 6-8, season 44-27-3 (.620); fredo: last week 5-9, season 38-33-3 (.535). lines from caesars/hilton, home team in bold.

MIA (+6) over BUF
the worst game of the week between winless teams. miami really really sucks, but they've got a better defense and bledsoe sucks.

SF (+10) over NYJ
the jets haven't covered in ages. the niners showed a little something last week, so give me the points here.

NE (-4) over SEA
hey mike holmgren, way to screw up the game of the week by losing in the last two minutes. what a crappy game. now i don't think that the seahawks are overrated or anything, it's just that there's no reason to bet against new england until they lose.

PHI (-9) over CAR
i just don't see the slow plodding running game working against the eagles. stephen davis still probably isn't 100%, and probably done being a premier back for the rest of his career by the way. on another note, when is the T.O. meltdown coming? i'm going to go ahead and set the over/under on that at week 9.

CIN (+2.5) over CLE
why is cleveland getting any respect here? i know the bengals have underachieved, but look at the browns roster and what do they got? give me the johnson bros. (rudi and chad) over the other team from the crappy state of ohio.

DET (-3) over GB
if last week wasn't the nail in the coffin for the packers, this will be it. the passing of the torch in the NFC north from favre to harrington. just kidding, harrington i think is going to end up like a brad johnson i think, you know, decent arm, pretty smart qb, but never even approaching transcendent. anyways, i've already gone on record as saying that the lions are better than the packers this year. give me 50 bucks on the lions (3-2 on the big bet)

WAS (+1) over CHI
in the battle between two crappy teams that you don't have a feel for, take the points (or the team that isn't starting the quarterback named jonathan quinn).

HOU (+6.5) over TEN
this looks like it could be a trap game, but the way i figure it, the titans beat the packers who aren't that good and the texans really looked good in their OT loss. remember kids, the titans are a crumbling empire. incidentally, that david carr kid does look like he might be transcendent. i was down on him the last two years, but i can tell you that i really wish that he was the cowboys' qb.

SD (+5.5) over ATL
i might be getting sucked in, but aren't the chargers some kind of feel good story or what? i dunno, i guess that there's no really no reason to take the chargers here. just call it a hunch.

KC (-2.5) over JAX
how is a team with one win a favorite over a team that everyone was calling playoff contenders a week ago? simple, it's a trap! like i said last week, the jags needed to beat the chargers last week to prove to me that they're for real. well they lost, and they're not for real. should be a good test for the chiefs though. let's hope that offense finds some kind of consistency.

DAL (-3) over PIT
they way i see it, after cleaning house last weekend, vegas is getting a little cocky and setting up a bunch of traps this week. i guess roethlisafkl is better than tommy maddox, but come on, it was tommy maddox. however, if the cowboys lose this week, i probably won't bet them again this season. at the beginning of the season, i put the cowboys' best case scenario at 8-8, probably 7-9. after a good start, it looked like they might make a run for 2nd place in the NFC east, but i think they may have come back to earth. look for performances like last week much more often this season from the cowboys. and stay away from all cowboys in fantasy football.

DEN (-2) over OAK
in the two games that he's started, kerry collins has turned the ball over by himself 8 times. that's more turnovers than 15 teams have had all season. also, i'm done betting against denver.

MIN (-4) over NO
i know that last week was kinduva letdown for the vikes, but i think they got it out of their system. no stoppin daunte and randy here.

STL (-6) over TB
nice little win for the bucs last week, but an even better one for the rams. fredo and i were really down on the rams this year, but i may be changing my tune a little bit.


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Erik said...

So you've picked Detroit for the big bet three times now, Bob. Excellent work. Glad to see you're one of the good guys now.

Anonymous said...

hey bob- you got a fan!

anyway, i got hosed last week, losing all three of the overtime games. and now i've given up on the season for the red sox. i cannot put this frustration into words. i follow them religiously all year and then this shit happens. i really don't want to talk about it.

that said, give me:

MIA over BUF - this reminds me of the game miami covered against cincinnati earlier. just take the damn dolphins and go straight to hell, derek goddamn jeter.

SF over NYJ - new york anything can kiss my ass.

SEA over NE - i took seattle straight up in my office pool. a little bit of mad scientist, but yardage/points stats give the edge to seattle. seattle's terrible on 3rd down, though, which worries me, but not enough.

PHI over CAR - philly's another train (like indy or until this week, new england) that we should just keep riding. kind of like a-rod rides jeter.

CIN over CLE - i probably should have taken cincinnati straight up here in the pool. either way, it should be close. close, like joe torre's close to satan, close.

DET over GB - i just hate green bay's defense and i really hate the motherfucking yankees.

CHI over WAS - chicago in a nail-in-the-coffin game for the redskins. joe gibbs will resign after this game and admit that he can't coach because he's a borderline retarded like gary fucking sheffield.

HOU over TEN - all of my numbers say this will be a tight game. i got to watch houston last week against minnesota and came away thinking that david carr might be pretty good. also, andre johnson is at least the thrid best receiver in the nfl.

SD over ATL - san diego's offense has been smoking lately. i like getting points with a team that's been putting them up. atlanta's defense is actually pretty good, but their offense just isn't consistent enough.

JAX over KC - i'm not sure if jacksonville is for real, but i sure as hell know kc's defense isn't. give me the points.

DAL over PIT - this is more of an emotional, i-believe-in-parcells pick here. i would not bet on this one.

DEN over PIT - i really like denver's defense, while oakland as a whole seems really really average. i say that defensive edge is good for at least a field goal difference at the end of the game.

MIN over NO - seriously, fuck the yankees. the only thing i worry about is minnesota coming out flat. if they get a lead, the gutless saints will not chase them down. one things for sure here, though: there will be a lot of wildass scrambling, sandlot improv, and sending the homies deep in this one.

STL over TB - i'm still down on the rams, but they should make jon gruden pay for his lifetime of sorriness in front of a national audience on monday night.