bobby the gook, week 8

i know this is late, but what they hell are you gonna do about it? anyways, i got killed last week. my percentage is starting to come back to earth, which actually makes me glad that i'm not betting real money on this thing. and if you think about it, this is why i'm even picking games in the first place, to see if i will start betting the games regularly again. anyways, i guess we're not even halfway through the season yet, so i have some time to redeem myself. anyways, last week: me - 5-8, season 58-40-3 (.592); fredo 8-5, 54-44-3 (.551). look who's right back in this thing. anyways, point spreads from caesar's/hilton, home team in bold.

GB (-1.5) over WAS
farvre is starting to look like farvre again. now with a new tragedy to deal with in his wife's breast cancer, i guess i'll be the dopey american here and say he'll win one for her. by the way, is joe gibbs being exposed or what. maybe spurrier wasn't such an idiot after all.

BAL (+8) over PHI
i think that this one is going to be a low scoring affair. i don't expect the ravens to win or anything, but the ravens have too good of a defense to lose by more than a TD. donovan's numbers come back to earth this week for all you fantasy owners out there. a FG or a dorsey levens TD wins it late.

ARI (+3.5) over BUF
i'm not sure why vegas is giving the bills any respect. this might be your classic trap game in that the road team with the better record is getting between 3 and 4.5 points. however, it's also a classic, no feel for the crappy teams, take the points game.

MIN (-7) over NYG
the points are tempting here, but it looks like moss will be at full speed again. i fully expect kurt warner to throw at least 2 ints on the road as well.

CIN (+3.5) over TEN
why do i hate home teams all of a sudden? anyways, chad johnson finally woke up last week, and we'll stick with the crumbling empire theory for the titans. they officially begin rebuilding after this game.

IND (-2) over KC
seriously, i need to stop picking against home teams. anyways, there are two schools of thought out there. the chiefs still have a horrible defense or the chiefs are finally coming around. indy lost last week, but i expect them to rebound nicely this week.

DET (+3) over DAL
trap game? i don't know, detroit is a better team than they were last week. dallas is also starting to have problems with their usually sound defense. i sense a blowout here.

HOU (-1) over JAX
i have decided that i love the texans this year. the jags are legit, but i think that the texans can score on the jags.

DEN (-7) over ATL
vick is officially having trouble with the new offense. denver at home, there's no reason not to take the broncos here.

SEA (-8) over CAR
this big line really surprises me. especially with the way the hawks have played over the past three weeks. but carolina is starting to really smell up the place. the superbowl hangover is still in effect here.

NE (-3) over PIT
everyone is saying that this is where the streak ends for the pats because of ben f-ing roethlsiberger. is everyone freakin' crazy? rookie qb vs. top 3 defense? give me the defense. and give me fifty bucks on the pats (3-4 on the big bet).

SD (-6) over OAK
love the chargers, love the chargers, love the chargers. i was deciding the chargers and the pats for the fifty dollar bet.

SF (+2) over CHI
when ohio state won the national championship, people were always talking about how craig krenzel was the heart and soul of that team and that he was a real leader. all while maurice clarrett was having one of the best seasons by a freshman rb ever. we see this phenomenon alot, white guy being called the team leader while a person of color is the one that is really kicking ass. people will say that the locker room/clubhouse influence is invaluable and that even though the white guy is not as talented he's the real reason why a team is doing so well. it's what everyone says about jason varitek while manny and ortiz combine for 30% of the red sox' RBIs. is it really that hard for anyone to acknowledge that black athletes usually contribute more to a team than white athletes? anyways, krenzel starts for the bears, which means at least three ints (which he had a problem with at ohio state by the way), two crappy teams, all signs point to a niners win.

NYJ (-7) over MIA
last week was a complete abberation for the dolphins. while the jets at least showed a little fight against the pats (while covering the spread, i might add). jets win big on monday night and john madden begins to wean himself off of favre's ballsack by starting to lick chad pennington's.

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Anonymous said...

hey bob-

if you ever get the chance to fly halfway across the country to see your favorite baseball team end an 86-year championship drought, i recommend that you go ahead and do it. and if that spare jackass from creed happens to sing 'god bless america' during the seventh ining stretch, inspiring you to do your spot-on impersonation of him at the exact same time, all the better. and if after that scoreless bottom of the seventh, you see the once and always loaded right arm of god doing the dance of happiness in the dugout, well, then hubris be damned, you too will dance, six outs away or not. what a great, great week.

anyway, here's my picks:

GB over WAS - i didn't realize until a few weeks ago how much god hates joe gibbs.

PHI over BAL - baltimore gets held under 10 here. surely philadelphia can put up 17.

BUF over ARI - when the bills are sipping champagne out of the lombardi trophy and giving each other congratulatory hand jobs in january, remember that you read it here first.

NYG over MIN - just a damn hunch. also, i hate the giants and hope the reverse jinx continues to work.

CIN over TEN - when cincinnati beheads tennesse coach jeff fisher after the game, remember that you read it here first.

IND over KC - i think the oddsmakers had last week too much in mind when they set this line. they could take a lesson from the greatest president of the last three years and think more "big-picture."

DET over DAL - detroit wins outright as erik love gains household bragging rights and eternal possession of bob's soul.

JAX over HOU - it seems like everyone likes houston here, which is enough to justify this pick. as an aside, i would really like to watch this game.

DEN over ATL - i guess.

SEA over CAR - there's no reason for this.

NE over PIT - unless the patriots wore themselves out at today's red sox victory parade, they should take care of this one.

SD over OAK - i just don't think oakland has the defense to stay in this game. i see them giving up a lot of points.

SF over CHI - this line seems crazy. why wouldn't i just take the points? and i thought that before i knew krenzel was starting.

NYJ over MIA - miami got their win last week, now they can go back to doing what they do best. also, let's count how many times madden compares pennington to montana.